new is new

It's been 8 months since I decided to move back North. That seems crazy. Seems like I just got here in ways, and seems like I never left in other ways. Time is always tricky like that. I figure what makes me feel like I just got here is that I continue to be overcome by moments of "newness." Even though my life up here has succumbed to bits and pieces of routine and monotony, it doesn't drag on me the way it has previously. I'm not sure how long that will last. Maybe it takes a year. Or maybe it will go on and on since I will never be native to this place. I think about this a lot. And, I am grateful for this a lot. I decided to take a few photos on one particularly monotonous day at work. These are some things that are often around me, and boring as they may be, I am thankful to see them.



The countdown for this Big trip used to be months, then weeks, then days, soon hours.
I am short on time, but full to the brim on the inside and think I should do a an Ohio post before those hours tick by, and then the days, and then the weeks, and it never happens.

The last few days in Ohio were the kind of days you can't describe with plain words. The images I have won't do it justice, either, but it's a start.

[evening drive // Hocking County, Ohio]

[Loch Loafin at Stony Broke // Hocking County, Ohio]

[Jack's Steakhouse // Hocking County, Ohio]

[The Annual Hocking County Fair // Hocking County, Ohio]


home is where the heart is

Good heavens, I have been a terrible blogger lately. I am going to place blame on the following things:

1. I have traveled to Colorado twice in the last month.
2. I lost my camera for a while.
3. Waldo spilled water on my computer.
4. I go to work, and then I cut paper at night.
5. I leave in 4 days for ArtPrize. (holy shit).
6. I moved in with David and we do not have internet at home (first on the list of things to do when I get back from Michigan).

There. I promise things will get better.

On another note...I loved last weekend. Here are some things I am going to blame for that:

1. That I walked in on you and Sam multiple times drinking wine and watching movies.

2. That we all somehow keep maintaining the ability to all be in the same place at the same time every once in a while, even if the in-between times send us all over the place.

3. When you are the photographer for the weddings I am in. We should be some sort of combo package or something.

4. Singing on the roof top.

5. Blue hair and blue tights.

6. Being your accomplice for Todd's photo surprises.

7. That you have a cane.

8. No shoes, No service.

And many more, I'm sure.....

It's funny that the next time I visit, it's entirely possible neither you or Sam will be there. I think I am almost as excited as you guys about your road trip (especially since Moscow is on the route). I'm excited to hear about the people you meet and the places you fall in love with. Likewise, I am excited to hear about some misfortune and strange people as well (as long as they are harmless). I wonder where you will land after the trip. So much unknown!

Returning from Colorado this time I really felt like I was coming home rather than leaving home. I love this nook of the country, and the people I know here, and the boyfriend and dog I live with. I never would have imagined any of it, which is what makes it all so exciting. So much is always about to happen.


She thinks my tractor's sexy.

[Raton, NM, August 2010]


around about october

I liked it when you were here.
And I really like that scrambled eggs song.
When are you going to put a recording of that up on WN?

See you in Moscow, round about October.



I am still melancholy about leaving that little house.

broke down

[broken down 15 miles outside of Alamogordo, NM]