Happy Halloween!

Girls Night Out (a little delayed)

Ooooh, you're going to be so happy when you read this entry.
Photos are (finally) done + ready for viewing.

Check it:

If you're not feeling satisfied, you can see them all on Flickr.

Also, Happy Halloween! I'll be putting Roux's costume up on the DDP blog later today, so check back for that. Also, Roux was in half her costume on the news. She looks like some sort of medieval court jester or something. Her whole costume is going to more 80's prom queen than court jester.


Dog in Mullet

My typography class has officially moved to the professor's graphic design studio downtown from here until the end of the quarter. I'm absolutely infatuated with space, it's beyond cool. I took some photos with my little cell phone camera, but I'm going to do real photos - and soon. Yesterday during class in the studio I heard a shuffling upstairs that sounding a lot like a dog. It turned out it was a dog, a studio dog. That's the icing on the cake, and it means that I must do a photographic exploration of the studio + studio dog. For now though, here are these little snapshots.

Also, I've been recruited sort of last minute to photograph a doggie Halloween event in downtown Denver. I think I'll bring Roux with me, but that means she needs a costume asap. I've been racking my brain this morning for easy costumes, and then came across this:

(found here)

With any luck, Roux will be white trash this afternoon. I just need to find me a mullet wig that will fit on her head.



I recently shipped off two digital prints that were accepted to a show in New Jersey at Seton Hall University. Yesterday, the postcards for the show came in the mail and I was delighted to see my image included (upper right). You can read more about he show here. This is the first time I will have work shown in a far away place at a show I will not attend. But, I think it is a scenario I could get used to. There's no pressure to stand by and explain why or what I've done, and I like to imagine all the different thoughts that will run through each viewer's mind without the influence of my words.


road signs

As you can see, I've had a lot of reading to do lately on my drive.


the microwave can be a dangerous thing

I've been so consumed with work lately that I haven't had a lot of time to post here. (Not to be confused with the desire to post here).

I've also been so consumed with work that I tried to microwave this mug, which happens to be encased in metal. It didn't work out. The microwave sort of looked like it was about to explode with smoke and fire sparks everywhere. This was my second favorite mug, so now I'm on the prowl for a new second favorite mug. Or at least I will be when I resurface from beneath this ginormous pile of photos I'm trying to edit.


I don't have much....still recovering from the lovely weekend at home with you and Sam. I took these photos randomly in my studio about a week ago, and thought I would share.


Weim in Hall

I thought I would add a little fuel to your new Weimaraner obsession, and post a picture of Sheldon. He belongs to a fellow grad student whose studio is right next to mine, so I get to admire him daily. He's a handsome one, and he really loves his toys.

Dogs in Hats, part deux

After I found that Weim in Hat yesterday and realized I had not one, but two dogs (and many hats) at my disposal, I simply could not resist doing a little Roux in Hat + Grady in Hat. Roux likes the hats more than Grady, that's for sure. I'll be rolling out an entire post about Dog in Hat (it is pretty important) over at DDP, but I'm not quite ready yet. You WN folks are on the breaking edge of the Dog in Hat news though, and after everyone got to see Lauren in Hat as well it only seems fair to put a little sneak preview up here.

I present to you Grady in Hat:

And Roux in Hat:

(Oh and Lauren, I'm not kidding. I really want you to go back and buy that hat before Friday if it is at all feasible. I'll pay big bucks for it).


Lauren in Hat

I did a little thrift store shopping today, and came across this very unique hat. Thankfully I had my camera on me to document it. I nearly bought it because of it's absurdity, but then realized having a large yarn ball hanging between my eyes would be unbearable, and I would never wear it. My time with the hat was short, but I will remember it fondly. Then, I arrived at school to find this nice surprise from Jerry the Janitor in my studio. All in all, a good day.

Weim in Hat

I did a Weimaraner photo shoot this morning and my mild attraction to them has become a full-blown obsession. A good Weimaraner is hard to beat. A Weimaraner in a winter hat is even harder to beat.

From this Flickr set. Brilliant, I say!

....guess who's going to be donning a winter hat for some photos in the near future...


you can thank me later

I'm pretty sure I'm single handedly keeping the economy from even more of a downward trend than it's currently on. Retailers can just thank me for continuing to dump my money into being a consumer.

I had to buy a dress for a wedding in two weeks, and I'm not just saying I had to because I'm the type of girl that needs a new dress for every occasion; I actually don't have a single nice dress. I have one dress from Patagonia that can sometimes pass as a nice dress, but it sort of hurts my neck and anyway I don't think a dress from Patagonia can really suffice as your nicest outfit.

So I bought this (on sale!) from J. Crew last night.

And then because I felt like I hadn't spent enough money in a given 24 hour period, I bought these today.

And even after that I was still feeling like I had way too much money sitting around, so I bought some more fabrics from Etsy for my little Patterned Pup project. You can expect to see Roux parading around in front of these sometime in the near future.

Ok, I'm spent.


saturday afternoon

I had a busy day between cutting paper, making a tunnel in the town's Haunted House, alphabetizing and inserting art history scores into spread sheets, doing the laundry, cleaning the dishes, etc. In the midst of all of that I took a few minutes to go to the opening at the gallery down the street. The art was lovely, but I was most captivated by the old building. So captivated, that I walked all two blocks back to my apartment to get my camera and document it all for the blog. Here ya go.


artist o' the week numero dos

I love this version of Moby Dick, by Guy BEN-NER. (He is a stay at home dad, who makes all of his work with his family. A nice idea ey?)

(photo is from a different film of his)


Prizzly bears and Mr. Puddles

A friend told me today that Polar bears have been mating with Grizzly bears, creating a string of "Super Bears." I was immediately curious, (and fearful), but I was also hesitant to believe him. But, it's true...there have been reports of "Prizzlies" and "Grolar Bears" being found in the wild. See for yourself in this intriguing article.

Also, I have been spending a lot of time with my new boyfriends John Stewart and Steven Colbert. As I watched last night I thought you might want to contact McCain about doing a shoot for his Mr. Puddles. The whole clip is pretty good, but hold out for Mr. Puddles at the end.

Artist o'the Week

Maybe some inspiration for you from another paper cutting installation artist?


I'm jealous

..of Alex's new shoes. They are super awesome.


I want a pair, but Alex won't let me get them because now he has them and he hates being twins. I guess we won't be that couple wearing matching track suits when we're 75.

Also, in honor of the political debate last night, check out these pins:

From Village. I like them.

Also I am a fan of these stickers:

From this Etsy shop.

I think that about sums it up.
Happy hump day!



I was recently driving in to school, and was convinced for at least half of a minute that Pullman had been bombed. You know how that road goes, lots of curves and hills, and all I knew was that a huge amount of smoke was rising into the sky beyond my clear vision and in approximate location of the town. What I found was this:

Just a controlled burn by a local farmer. The pictures are not so great since they were taken through a moving car window. I almost forgot about this event until I downloaded the images which got me to thinking. Sometimes I think it is better to leave the camera in the backpack and just enjoy whatever visual splendor is before me. Experience it in the moment, you know? Or maybe the bigger lesson is that I should not be rummaging through my backpack and taking pictures while driving a dangerous metal object on wheels going 50 mph.....


On how to make killer green chile

Alex and I both have long been in love with our friend, Sam's cooking, especially of the Mexican variety. Last night we begged her to come over and unlock her green chile secrets. Because there's really only room for two people in our kitchen anyway, and Alex can usually be trusted to remember details, I let them proceed with most of the cooking and documented the whole thing from the sidelines. None of it looks particularly appetizing, even the finished product, which I think just has to do with the fact that Mexican food really never looks that appetizing. And because it was night, so the lighting was all yellow. Anyhoo, it was fun nonetheless.
Sam doesn't work with specific recipes, so you won't be getting any of that here, but what I can do is give you a basic idea on how to recreate this experience. In fact, Alex and I are going to try to cook up a ginormous vat of green chile tonight as well. I think it's a good thing to have on hand; I'll be putting it on everything - my morning eggs, icecream, you name it. It really is that good.

Step 1: Drink a couple beers. (Preferably beers with really nice retro labels on them).

Step 2: Invite Sam over so she can show you how to make it.

If you live in, say Washington state and can't invite Sam over, here's an approximation of what goes in it:
(Pork in a little olive oil with salt + pepper)
+ a little flour once its browned, some garlic (maybe 2 cloves?), diced tomatoes, a can of diced green chiles
+ some amount of water. Bring it back to a boil, then let it simmer so the juices can get all mixed together and it can cook off some of the water. (Right Sam?)

Grady + Roux helped a lot by sitting in the middle of the kitchen watching the process.

The finished product:

We missed you, Lolo, but we will make green chile when you get here on DECEMBER 17th!