so disheartening...


I've always had a fondness for bizarre sentences, especially when taken out of context. So, lately when I hear a little doozie I jot it down. I think you will appreciate this sampling from a sunny saturday sitting out on main street and the people of palouse:

-If I could write love letters I would write them to the wolves and horses.
-My dog is going to sit like that someday. Right now he thinks he is a funeral director.
-Oh there's the three legged dog club.
-I'm going to have to take that video off of youtube because my girlfriend thinks you look sexy.
-There should be a National Chalk Day
-Keeping things real here on E. Main?
-This is what Palouse used to be like, ray guns for everyone.
-It's a god damn beautiful day.
-Can I give you a hug and a kiss? Come on! Bring it!
-I'm going to get my care and load it up with garbage.
-I think your mom needs to get off facebook.
-Just drink a couple drinks, cry, and get over it.
-That's why he didn't stick around, because you didn't give it up.
-He just needs to be needed, Doreen.
-Where is that piece of shit? David, I'm down here at the thrift shop sweating my ass off. Where are you? Get your non-artist ass down here.


remembering las vegas

Remember how I went to that totally awesome party in Vegas? Some people who were there put this together:

airhorns & lasers from stillmotion on Vimeo.

From here on out, I want to always go to events put on by and attended by creative types.

because we both agree that documentation is important


getting dirty

Remember that Cormac interview where he talks about the toothbrush showing up in the mailbox? I think about that a lot lately. He was referring to trust. Trusting that if you are doing and pursuing the things you believe in, somehow it will all work out. Even when he was broke and living in a shack, and had basically nothing, a toothbrush came in the mail. I've had a lot of toothbrushes in the mail lately. One of them being my new job.

When I decided to move back to Palouse I planned do some subbing at the schools, and probably find a random office job. Instead, I landed the perfect job. I work across the border in Idaho at a tree and plant nursery. I am covered in dirt at the end of each day. And, I am so happy. I've reached some incredible equilibrium that I didn't think possible. I work hard all day in a beautiful place with incredible people. When I leave work my brain is free and refreshed. I'm not sure how long I can ride this charming train, but I'm enjoying every second while it lasts.This is where I work on my shovel muscle. You should really see my muscles...
Almost every bit of space is filled with inspiring patterns or clusters of things. I love the green houses full of little baby plants. Tiny life yards.


white dungarees + zebras

Remember Fanny + Bill?
They just tied the knot at City Hall. She wore white dungarees, which makes her my new hero.

On a side note, this is a random image from the shoot I did in San Fransisco that I thought you'd appreciate:


small town social practices

I mentioned that I am working on a small publication for a conference in Portland this May (www.openengagement.info) in a previous post. So, in preparation I have been doing some research and searching for collaborators. One that I'm crossing my fingers for is Mr. Vernon from bon iver. His music has been strangely important to me over the last couple years, and now he is doing things in his home town that align with the theme of our publication. How perfect. Read this article, it's beautiful: http://www.thefader.com/2009/12/09/feature-bon-iver-the-son-and-the-earth/.



I'm working on a window installation at the Palouse library. Part of it will include paper pinwheels on which Mary and I have written. We spent two hours the other night with hundreds of paper squares and anything that popped into our heads. Here's a little sampling...

travel buddy

The full trip report is forthcoming.
In the meantime, here are a few quick Roux favorites.

In a thrift shop in Haight Ashbury, San Fransisco:

And on Evan's front porch in Palo Alto: