new, new.

Life is chugging steadily along. I never cease to be amazed at how much goes on in this small little town. I've been here 12 days or so, and it seems like it's been months. Some highlights have been helping out with 2nd and 3rd grade girls basketball, singing at Open Mic and the town Variety Show, working on a new song, Bunco night with the ladies of Palouse, snowshoe adventures and my first moose sighting, Winter Olympics watching at the Tavern, and most recently farm sitting over the weekend. Mary and I were asked to feed some cows and stay at a farm nearby that has been in the family since the 1800's. It's funny to move into a small town where people have so much history and families go back for decades. And, it also feels like an honor to be accepted in by them all. It's incredible how many wonderful and interesting people I get to know by living here.

I continue to remain calm and collected during this transition, and I continue to remain surprised by that. I usually brace myself for at least a couple weeks of feeling crazy during the process of shifting. My brain almost feels like it went into some sort of shop and got patched up and fixed. I just feel a certain amount of steadiness and positive momentum that I haven't felt in a while. I'm trying to keep lots of projects on my palette, which is filling up pretty quickly. I've decided to turn the majority of my apartment into an installation. Why wait for gallery space when I've got plenty of empty white walls right here? Another project about to commence is a series of window installations beginning with my apartment and the thrift store, and eventually (hopefully) spreading down Main Street. Nik, Mary, and I are entering full swing on the publication we are putting together for Open Engagement, a conference we were accepted to be part of in May. So much to think about! No time for being sad anymore.

(couch donated by friends Nik and Jeanne. It belonged to Jeanne's Grandmother. She warned me that her Grandmother might move in with the couch....haven't seen her yet.)

(Beginnings of installation...)
(New favorite shoes)

(on the farm)
(borrowing the farmer's overalls)
(and the perfect portrait stump)


No Country for Old Typewriters

If karma can't arrange a meeting with Cormac, I'd at least like his typewriter.


grab your bag and grab your coat

After a long and stressful drive, we have landed in Palouse and are settling in. My car was on the verge of overheating for the entire trip, which was both a blessing and a curse. The blessing being that it kept me alert and able to drive 23 hours straight. Not planning to do that again anytime soon though.

So far, I have a strange calmness about being here, and I don't know if that is real or just me suppressing some other more anxious feelings. One of the best things about Palouse is that there is always something going on or something to take part in. Mary's friend Lisa is in town and she has been making a film during the 5 weeks she's been here. Waldo was lucky enough to play a small role wearing a white cape and running through the wintery wheat fields.



A few photos from my three hour detour yesterday. [Woodland Park -> Sedalia, via Deckers. Not exactly the quickest route, but not altogether out of the way either, you'll be glad to know].

It was long, but it reminded me how much I love the feeling of going.