rattlesnake lake

from a short hike i took on the way back from seattle.

boys day

When Waldo is really lucky he gets to spend the whole day with David. When I am really lucky, they have secret photo shoots with my camera.

In this next one, notice Waldo's cheeks.


raton rodeo 2010

I have always remembered our summer of rodeos with equal parts fondness and nostalgia, so it was with genuine anticipation that I went to my first Raton Rodeo in five years.

Despite the way too much anticipation can result in a letdown this weekend was anything but.

The day after:

[deserted motel Raton, NM]

[open road just South of Walsenberg, CO]

[Prada in the Subaru, Southern Colorado]

house party

Images from a house party with the kids from a local band called the MTHDS.

[carefully opening cheap champagne]

[boy named Joe; mutt named Mila]


Taking photos with my phone has allowed for a different kind of documentary of my life, and I like using Wondernet as a depository for these collections. It is such a different kind of creative endeavor, taking photos with my phone, and I am finding that the more tired I get of using my Nikon to document other people's lives, the more I like using my little phone to document my own.

[Denver, from I-25, at dusk in June]


bonnie and clyde

thank you for being such a good blogger the last couple weeks, and i would like to apologize for my neglect. here's a little look at what i have been up too.

rick would be delighted to know that waldo is getting an abundance of "man time" now that David has come into our lives. waldo loves man time. sometimes man time is not good for his manners, but i think it is good for him nonetheless. just look at the adoration in his eyes (he is gazing up at David.)(waldo in David's front yard)
the other thing that has become a huge part of my life is gardening, seeing as how i work at a nursery and all. sometimes i persuade david to come to work with me (it's a fun place to be, so it's not that hard to persuade.) one such work day he earned an entire stock for his backyard garden. one of the best things about working with plants is seeing how much they change from day to day. i took this to document this garden in its baby stage.
last friday was the moscow art walk. david and i made an installation for the event (for any other readers out there, here is a link to an article about it bonnie and clyde ). in all honesty, david did most of the work for this project, so cheers to him.

off to seattle tomorrow for my lovely friend shauna's graduation. i'm looking forward to the 5 hour drive. there's nothing like a little road trip with good music and beautiful scenery to give you a little recharge.


i'm talking about a little place called aspen

The original reason I wanted to go to Aspen was to see Ed Sharpe + the Magnetic Zeros, but the cosmos arranged for a sequence of other coincidences, including: 1) the infamous Food + Wine weekend in Aspen, 2) Sam befriending a group of hippies that live there, and 3) Logan's birthday. I've been shooting almost seven days a week, and haven't had a whole day without working in months, so this weekend was a much needed break. We were wild, and it felt good to be young and free.

[Roux on the ride up]

[Glenwood Canyon]

[Driving to town with boys, open top Jeep]

[Moroccan Food + Wine party]

[Edward Sharpe + the Magnetic Zeros, Belly Up Aspen]

[Sam, walking to sushi dinner]

[sushi dinner, Kenichi]

[a collection of images from an all nighter:]

[Bloody Mary bar the next a.m.]

We missed you, Lolo.


beulah in vignette

It was a nice coincidence that my discovery of the Droid photo app, Vignette, coincided with a drive to the Beulah Valley.

Also, my dad recently went through some boxes and left these treasures out for me:

This evening I took a shower outdoors and stood for a long time under the running water observing. Eventually I noticed a spider weaving her web in the rocks next to me and was totally entranced by the process. Isn't that so very Dillardesque of me?