Perhaps you already saw the link on my facebook, but I'll document it here too. I sent some of my folded pinwheels to a project in San Francisco called Papergirl, and it showed up on their blog! It's always funny to me to think of a set of eyes totally unrelated to me or my immediate world looking at something I created. I wonder what sort of thoughts it sends through their mind. I guess that's what keeps me going with the whole art thing. Knowing that I am sending some sort of communication out into the world. Anyway here is the link to Papergirl.

Art projects are majorly on the brain right now (I should be working on that right now, in fact.) David and I are putting together something for Moscow Art Walk (yikes, that is next week). I also have an online show that has to be ready in a week and a half. And, I'm now making a big paper cut piece for a show in Michigan in September. It's all very exciting, but also frightening because time seems to be sliding through my fingers like sand. Speaking of time, it won't be all that long before my Colorado visit. I will have been gone for half a year by that time! Isn't that completely mind boggling?!

Alright, I'm off to work on my project. This is where I am playing:

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claire said...

WHERE is that??

i have been jonesing to visit palouse. i might have to make that happen this summer, especially if i can play here, too.