bonnie and clyde

thank you for being such a good blogger the last couple weeks, and i would like to apologize for my neglect. here's a little look at what i have been up too.

rick would be delighted to know that waldo is getting an abundance of "man time" now that David has come into our lives. waldo loves man time. sometimes man time is not good for his manners, but i think it is good for him nonetheless. just look at the adoration in his eyes (he is gazing up at David.)(waldo in David's front yard)
the other thing that has become a huge part of my life is gardening, seeing as how i work at a nursery and all. sometimes i persuade david to come to work with me (it's a fun place to be, so it's not that hard to persuade.) one such work day he earned an entire stock for his backyard garden. one of the best things about working with plants is seeing how much they change from day to day. i took this to document this garden in its baby stage.
last friday was the moscow art walk. david and i made an installation for the event (for any other readers out there, here is a link to an article about it bonnie and clyde ). in all honesty, david did most of the work for this project, so cheers to him.

off to seattle tomorrow for my lovely friend shauna's graduation. i'm looking forward to the 5 hour drive. there's nothing like a little road trip with good music and beautiful scenery to give you a little recharge.

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claire said...

i love your life updates with photos.
and i hope your drive was everything you hoped.