whittier at noon

I was asked recently by a photographer if they could take my picture. I'm still not sure I'm amenable to that idea, but it did remind me about the import of documentation and how lax I get about documenting my own life sometimes.
Also, being on the cusp of Big Change makes me want to document the way things are right now all the more.
So here are images taken on a dog walk today, at noon. This is how I look most days; no makeup, comfy clothes. This is how my neighborhood looks right now, early June, midday. This is how Roux looks pretty much always.

Another thing I've been thinking about lately is how when you're documenting something there are things that seem silly to say/write/photograph, but when you are looking back later you wish you'd kept better track.

So, for the sake of accurate record-keeping, right now I am:
1. shooting most every day of the week--people, dogs, couples, kids.
2. getting ready to launch a marketing solution for real estate agents; a project that is sufficiently boring to counterbalance the often creatively/emotionally draining task of taking photographs.
3. writing in my journal literally every day. i have filled three journals in the last year.
4. usually eating like a vegan.
5. living with kenny in the next room and sam in my bed.
6. running loops around the golf course most every day.
7. thinking often about central american beaches.
8. that is, when i'm not thinking about someone else.

1 comment:

lauren said...

1. you are pretty.

2. This post made me miss life in the hood so much.

3. i am glad you are documenting so much right now, because it's amazing how quickly things change, and how quickly you can hardly imagine the way things used to be.

4. COME VISIT! (that was in response to your comment in my last post.)