2010 Begin Again

Well, hello Wonder Net, I've missed you. I don't know if there are any readers out there anymore...but you will serve as a means of communication between Claire and I yet again. I shouldn't have started this post right now, seeing as though it's late and I'm tired, but I had a hankering for a post. Current location: Flagstaff, AZ. Waldo, my mom, and I are down here for work/family visit. I'm making a painting for my aunt and uncle (photos upon completion), Waldo goes wherever I go, and my mom came to visit with family. Spending the early part of the week in Phoenix made me realize that someday, someday soon, I could be alright giving up winter. It's hard to beat leaves, green grass, and flowers in January.

More reflective writing to come, there is plenty of reflecting to do as I change directions and locations yet again. Waldo and I are Washington bound and we'll have landed in Palouse by the middle of next week (just in time for open mic!) One thing I know for sure already, is I feel like I can breathe again.