I know I've been overloading you with music lately, but if you listen to anything let it be Langhorne Slim.

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I was thinking the other day about how I bet someday when technology has advanced sufficiently people will try to recreate the way photos taken with phones look like the way we try to recreate the look of old film or Polaroids.

I didn't take my camera with me to New Mexico. There were moments where I sorely missed it (our up close visit with baby bison, for example), but it was also liberating, and that was worth it. The problem with doing something you love in exchange for money is that it inevitably becomes work and it's hard to separate that out even when it's personal.

Getting out of Denver felt really good. I need to do that more, especially now that everything is so green and the sky is so blue.


gee golly

well, hello. i feel like i haven't had a good sit down with my computer in weeks (which is why this entry is going to cover more than one event). it's nice to not spend as much time staring at my computer, but i do feel some sort of weird detachment. i guess that speaks to our generation's dependence on the ol' laptop. fascinating.

things at work have been wonderful, everything blooming and getting full. i'm starting to get more and more proficient at plant identification, which is obviously a very exciting thing. i've even started to form favorites. any sort of succulent or begonia falls in this category.


Mary, Hanna, and I headed west for the Open Engagement conference in Portland two weekends ago. The whole weekend was a delight. Deep thinking with other socially concerned creative folks is very energizing. The featured presenters were pretty intriguing. Nils Norman was most notable to me. He spoke about the concept of Utopia, and also presented his research on Adventure Playgrounds. I also met a group of wonderful people who I'm sure will be future collaborators.

form the drive:
i had a chuckle when i saw this in a gallery window (the gallery is called Pony Club):
One of the new friends (but also old, as I met him in Minnesota at the Art Shanty project in 2009) is Jonas. We had no idea he would be at the conference but he was there to participate in the Wild Foraged Food cook off. He's somewhat of an expert at that. After the conference he decided to drive out to Palouse for a few days. During his stay he hosted a free soup dinner on main street.
And, finally....I had an unexpected day off from work Sunday, so David and I took the opprotunity to go camping in the Idaho wilderness.
It was a completely beautiful and restful trip with my two favorite boys.

(sorry for my inconsistency in capitalization, but i feel too lazy to go back and edit).


you wanted it

you can download and read my thesis here.

finishing it feels a little bit like cutting off an appendage.


gift for your ears

itchy though they may be.

next time you are home and it is a quiet evening, listen to both of these mixes.
they are just what you need.




(just download them and they should open in iTunes)


to your ears

I'm a bit bewildered still, but the other evening I went to a really great concert in Pullman. I say that because Pullman is not the kind of place that usually hosts great concerts. I wasn't familiar with any of the bands pre-show, but I was banking on the fact that having no expectations would leave me pleasantly surprised. At the end of the show the lead singer of Shearwater said to the crowd "Hey, everyone follow us into this other room!" (there were probably around 100 people in attendance). So, we all shuffled back into a room with a grand piano and were serenaded with a beautiful unplugged end to a delightful evening.

You should check them all out for sure.

Wye Oak

Hospital Ships


This is a music video that you and Roux might both enjoy watching:


i've missed you.

It has been far, far too long since I've contributed. I was sucked into a vortex of thesis writing and other nonmentionables.

In an effort to avoid writing a daunting catch-up post, I thought I'd share photos off my cell phone. In many ways they are more representative of my daily life than their "real" counterparts.

bathroom wall in a bar, Crested Butte, Colorado

evenings with Roux

the church I like

volunteer work, Stranahan's, Denver

lightspot in the Beulah cabin

hers & mine

thesis: completed

mornings with Roux

creative typography, Larimer, Denver