I was thinking the other day about how I bet someday when technology has advanced sufficiently people will try to recreate the way photos taken with phones look like the way we try to recreate the look of old film or Polaroids.

I didn't take my camera with me to New Mexico. There were moments where I sorely missed it (our up close visit with baby bison, for example), but it was also liberating, and that was worth it. The problem with doing something you love in exchange for money is that it inevitably becomes work and it's hard to separate that out even when it's personal.

Getting out of Denver felt really good. I need to do that more, especially now that everything is so green and the sky is so blue.

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lauren said...

it is really a great feeling to decided to take a break from work or things related to work. i felt that release when david and i went camping last week.

but, you're right, there is a certain something about phone photos that is kind of nice.