grab your bag and grab your coat

After a long and stressful drive, we have landed in Palouse and are settling in. My car was on the verge of overheating for the entire trip, which was both a blessing and a curse. The blessing being that it kept me alert and able to drive 23 hours straight. Not planning to do that again anytime soon though.

So far, I have a strange calmness about being here, and I don't know if that is real or just me suppressing some other more anxious feelings. One of the best things about Palouse is that there is always something going on or something to take part in. Mary's friend Lisa is in town and she has been making a film during the 5 weeks she's been here. Waldo was lucky enough to play a small role wearing a white cape and running through the wintery wheat fields.

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Claire said...

hahahaha, i love david riding the brontosaurus!!!

i'm glad you're feeling calm and collected. even your photos feel calm and collected.