getting dirty

Remember that Cormac interview where he talks about the toothbrush showing up in the mailbox? I think about that a lot lately. He was referring to trust. Trusting that if you are doing and pursuing the things you believe in, somehow it will all work out. Even when he was broke and living in a shack, and had basically nothing, a toothbrush came in the mail. I've had a lot of toothbrushes in the mail lately. One of them being my new job.

When I decided to move back to Palouse I planned do some subbing at the schools, and probably find a random office job. Instead, I landed the perfect job. I work across the border in Idaho at a tree and plant nursery. I am covered in dirt at the end of each day. And, I am so happy. I've reached some incredible equilibrium that I didn't think possible. I work hard all day in a beautiful place with incredible people. When I leave work my brain is free and refreshed. I'm not sure how long I can ride this charming train, but I'm enjoying every second while it lasts.This is where I work on my shovel muscle. You should really see my muscles...
Almost every bit of space is filled with inspiring patterns or clusters of things. I love the green houses full of little baby plants. Tiny life yards.

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Claire said...

that last shot w/ the singular tree is SO COOL.

i love your equilibrium, too.
and i bet i would love your muscles even more, can you post a photo please?