On how to make killer green chile

Alex and I both have long been in love with our friend, Sam's cooking, especially of the Mexican variety. Last night we begged her to come over and unlock her green chile secrets. Because there's really only room for two people in our kitchen anyway, and Alex can usually be trusted to remember details, I let them proceed with most of the cooking and documented the whole thing from the sidelines. None of it looks particularly appetizing, even the finished product, which I think just has to do with the fact that Mexican food really never looks that appetizing. And because it was night, so the lighting was all yellow. Anyhoo, it was fun nonetheless.
Sam doesn't work with specific recipes, so you won't be getting any of that here, but what I can do is give you a basic idea on how to recreate this experience. In fact, Alex and I are going to try to cook up a ginormous vat of green chile tonight as well. I think it's a good thing to have on hand; I'll be putting it on everything - my morning eggs, icecream, you name it. It really is that good.

Step 1: Drink a couple beers. (Preferably beers with really nice retro labels on them).

Step 2: Invite Sam over so she can show you how to make it.

If you live in, say Washington state and can't invite Sam over, here's an approximation of what goes in it:
(Pork in a little olive oil with salt + pepper)
+ a little flour once its browned, some garlic (maybe 2 cloves?), diced tomatoes, a can of diced green chiles
+ some amount of water. Bring it back to a boil, then let it simmer so the juices can get all mixed together and it can cook off some of the water. (Right Sam?)

Grady + Roux helped a lot by sitting in the middle of the kitchen watching the process.

The finished product:

We missed you, Lolo, but we will make green chile when you get here on DECEMBER 17th!

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lauren said...

i love this post, and it makes me wish i had splurged and bought a ticket home for the weekend.

my friends and green chili are in the top three things i miss most in colorado.