Dogs in Hats, part deux

After I found that Weim in Hat yesterday and realized I had not one, but two dogs (and many hats) at my disposal, I simply could not resist doing a little Roux in Hat + Grady in Hat. Roux likes the hats more than Grady, that's for sure. I'll be rolling out an entire post about Dog in Hat (it is pretty important) over at DDP, but I'm not quite ready yet. You WN folks are on the breaking edge of the Dog in Hat news though, and after everyone got to see Lauren in Hat as well it only seems fair to put a little sneak preview up here.

I present to you Grady in Hat:

And Roux in Hat:

(Oh and Lauren, I'm not kidding. I really want you to go back and buy that hat before Friday if it is at all feasible. I'll pay big bucks for it).


Nadia said...

You guys are cracking me up! I love both Lauren (BTW, hi Lauren, I'm Nadia and read you WN blog everyday. I'm happily owned by Rowan the Ridgeback) and the pups in hats. And Roux definitely needs that hat. Oh but Claire I have an adorable one she could wear too. I'll get a pic of Rowan in it tonight :) You will love it.

lauren said...

man, I really blew it with that hat. I wasn't thinking, and when I set it back down, somebody else snatched it up. my deepest apologies.

Claire said...

thanks A LOT lauren. some friend you are.

...and nadia - i cannot wait to see rowan photos!!! let me know when they're up!

Nadia said...

As promised, Rowan and Tyson in a hat...




Pardon the terrible quality. I was laughing so hard I couldn't hold the camera still...