Dog in Mullet

My typography class has officially moved to the professor's graphic design studio downtown from here until the end of the quarter. I'm absolutely infatuated with space, it's beyond cool. I took some photos with my little cell phone camera, but I'm going to do real photos - and soon. Yesterday during class in the studio I heard a shuffling upstairs that sounding a lot like a dog. It turned out it was a dog, a studio dog. That's the icing on the cake, and it means that I must do a photographic exploration of the studio + studio dog. For now though, here are these little snapshots.

Also, I've been recruited sort of last minute to photograph a doggie Halloween event in downtown Denver. I think I'll bring Roux with me, but that means she needs a costume asap. I've been racking my brain this morning for easy costumes, and then came across this:

(found here)

With any luck, Roux will be white trash this afternoon. I just need to find me a mullet wig that will fit on her head.

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