you can thank me later

I'm pretty sure I'm single handedly keeping the economy from even more of a downward trend than it's currently on. Retailers can just thank me for continuing to dump my money into being a consumer.

I had to buy a dress for a wedding in two weeks, and I'm not just saying I had to because I'm the type of girl that needs a new dress for every occasion; I actually don't have a single nice dress. I have one dress from Patagonia that can sometimes pass as a nice dress, but it sort of hurts my neck and anyway I don't think a dress from Patagonia can really suffice as your nicest outfit.

So I bought this (on sale!) from J. Crew last night.

And then because I felt like I hadn't spent enough money in a given 24 hour period, I bought these today.

And even after that I was still feeling like I had way too much money sitting around, so I bought some more fabrics from Etsy for my little Patterned Pup project. You can expect to see Roux parading around in front of these sometime in the near future.

Ok, I'm spent.

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lauren said...

these all seem to be very nice purchases.