a new day, a new idea

Alright, let's be honest...Wonder Net has been less than enthralling lately. Most of the blame can likely be put on the fact that Claire and I are now room mates, and it feels sort of silly to be corresponding in the same fashion that we did when we were states away.

But don't fret, you one, two, maybe three? readers out there. We are not dropping out we are just changing things up. In the event of any sort of major cleaning or moving it's nearly impossible to avoid reading all the old journals and letters (boxes and boxes of letters) you come across in the process. Claire and I have both been doing a bit of that lately and have been surprised at our own thoughts which have been stashed away on paper. Sometimes we are surprised by the hilarity, sometimes we are surprised by a shocking bit of wisdom. So, from day to day we will be posting snippets from these findings.

I'll kick things of with something light-hearted from this past summer in Carbondale:

"At dinner, Scarlett holds a fetal barn swallow in her hand. Yesterday she pooped in the front yard. I rode Stitch bareback during early dusk, trotting through clover up to his belly. True joy. Waldo tags along, and Sopris smiles. These are my days in this place and this summer."