It's up! It's always a strange experience to see the results of months and months of work and ideas come to life, and it is extremely relieving when you find yourself pleasantly surprised. Mary and I felt pretty good about it after we finished installing, but we felt really good when we returned in the evening and found it illuminated and alive. Hopefully, I will have a better website sometime in the near future where I will display some more images, but here a a few to give you the gist of things: Day time view:

From the inside:
As you have already noted, today is election day....my stomach is in knots, and I can hardly focus on all the work I need to get done. Live stream from MSNBC is my constant companion today in the studio. I hope tomorrow we will be making joyful posts about our newly appointed president Obama. Stumbling upon stores like this one in Portland give me hope that good things are coming...

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