Lama + Mexico

Someday when I have more money than I have now, I'm going to buy this place out. It's like Anthropologie, only with a South American twist. You are going to love, love, love it.

Just look at this

And this

And this

And this

It's orgasmic.

I just asked Alex if we could call number two Llama and he said absolutely not. (BTW, there's an actual reason they spell theirs Lama instead of Llama).

This is over and out for me for the next week. I'll be back the first part of December more relaxed, more tan and with one more dog.

1 comment:

lauren said...

oooh i love all of those things....when you get all that money will you buy me some things from there too? how about the cow pillow, i really liked that one.

have fun in mexico, i can't wait to see posts of little "Llama"