i am SO happy.

Last night was one of the happiest moments of my entire life. I can't believe it's real. I can't believe we made a collectively intelligent decision. I can't believe we have been part of this historical moment in time.
My day went like this: arrive at school intending to get a lot of work done. Listen/watch MSNBC all day. Go to seminar class, sit next to friend who is streaming live results on her lap top, making it unable to pay attention in class. Watch 30 minutes of CNN in auditorium at school with some other students. Head to car and start driving home to Palouse while listening to NPR. Hear that Barack has won Ohio, get overly excited and apparently start driving too fast. Get pulled over by policeman who asks me why I was speeding, and I respond, "Because Barack just won Ohio!" Get out of ticket. Arrive home to a delicious dinner and excited friends. Watch coverage on laptops, and then head to local Tavern to watch on the big screen. Listen to the bar tender say that Barack is not even a legal citizen of the US. Become dumbfounded. Become overjoyed as Barack is declared President-Elect! Enjoy a round of drinks provided by one of the 4 other people who were in the bar. Tear up at his incredible speech. Do a lot of hugging and dancing. Run down main street with my arms out yelling "Obama!" Rejoice some more at home. Watch some more coverage. Fall asleep a very happy person.

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Serendipity Blog said...

I was so happy too! I found your blog by hitting next blog button. Have a big smile after reading your election day bit by bit. I have a daughter in college who felt the same way you did, as did her entire family. I was a wonderful day and our world is filled with so much hope. You are night, intelligence won on Nov 5.