Rhino in Rhino

Our first bonafied project in my 3D Modeling/Sculpture class was to create something in the vein of biomimicry. I knew I wanted to do an animal form, but didn't know what. The program we use is called Rhino - so I made a rhino in Rhino. I'm a sucker for slapstick humor, and why not? At least my little creature is accessible in a way that an ambiguous structure meant to be a nuclear cell block built for humans by animals just isn't. Also, I never have claimed to be an artist, so I think I can get away with making blobby little rhinoceroses for my projects.

There is something about this process that has really captivated me. The 3d software is not easy to use, but it's amazing to create something on a computer and then (using a 3d printer) convert that to a little, tangible object. A very strange connection there between the way we see things and expect them to feel and the way they actually come out.

This is my rhino:

And look who can balance a little rhinoceros on her head:
(I like to call this "Rhino on Roux")

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lauren said...

that's a terrific rhino.

i can't wait to see the Breyer horses.