you've got skill

One reason that I haven't shared many pictures of Waldo is because, I honestly can't seem to get a good shot of him. If we are outside he is usually playful and sees no reason why my camera is not some sort of ball he should chew on or chase, or I try to get him when he's sleeping but that's usually inside with bad lighting. All these attempts have made me even more aware how talented you are at what you do. In any case, I thought I would post a couple, because in their own right, they are good for a laugh.

And, just for fun, here is a picture of one of my favorite thrift store shirt finds. Bucking broncos in a sea of turquoise. I love it.


Claire said...

ok, a few things:
1. i love that shirt
3. i like these shots... i just want to his his little baby face. that's the whole reason he's learning 'wait' - so he'll wait for you to take a photo!

lauren said...

1. I knew you would appreciate it.
2. One of the only spots of green grass so far is conveniently located right next to the art building parking lot.
3. I'll get you some baby face soon.