shanty song

I wanted to post this video because I think it encompasses so much of what was great about the trip and about the project. I won't go into the whole monologue, but basically we were trying to communicate the triumph of optimism, hope, and creativity that saved the lives of 27 stranded polar explorers in Earnest Shackleton's attempt to cross the South Pole in 1914. The men focused on being good to one another, and also on entertaining one another to remain in good spirits. It's a beautiful story to read more about, and fortunately enough they had a photographer on board that documented much of the experience.
The video shows a spontaneous moment that erupted in our shanty between Amber (a whiz on the fiddle) and one of the other shanty members. Definitely one of my favorite moments.

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Claire said...

i love both of these posts.

and i wish i knew i how to play the fiddle.