getting some sun

You know how we both have perhaps an unhealthy adoration for the sun? This point was proven to me yet again the other day when we had our first sunny, warmish day in weeks. Ten minutes after arriving at school that day, someone asked "What's with you? Did you hook up last night?" I knew the sun put me in a better mood, but I was unaware to what extent...just thought that was a funny little story.

In other news, Waldo will not be doing any "hooking-up" anytime soon. He lost his two little friends yesterday, but he did gain this fancy new collar, which he wanted to model for you.

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Claire said...

i'm super jealous of your sunny weather... it's been snowing and gray here, bleh.

i'm glad you disregarded the vet's instructions and let waldo be free of his huge plastic cone. poor guy.