Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And, now the exciting sequel to "Day in the Life of Claire Bow." This one is appropriately titled "Day in the Life of Lauren."
It was sort of hard for me to pick a day to chronicle, because each day seems to be a little different. But, there are a few staples to my routine, and I think this day shows most of those.

The morning actually begins around 5 am, when it is still dark. That doesn't make for very good photos, so here's when the sun enters the picture.

I find a key to making early mornings exciting is a good breakfast. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, the recent menu includes oatmeal and peanut butter, with a mug of White and Green Fusion tea. I usually eat and work on the computer while Waldo takes his morning nap at 7 am.

Here he is during one such nap.
Next, I bundle up for a short morning walk. On this day I believe it was about 9 degrees outside, which called for layering two hats to keep the noggin warm. This is Waldo protesting his morning walk. He is not very keen on 9 degree temps.
Then I had to head off to a 9:00 am appointment at the eye doctor. You can see how efficient my ice scrapper is. I might not have been able to see very well out my windshield, but it made for a nice photo.
I scored some sweet free sunglasses at the doc. This happened to be a terrible day to have dilated eyes. Fresh snow everywhere, and the sun out in full force.
Noon time brings lunch at home (beans+rice+tortilla), and another walk with the pooch.
The afternoon included some thesis paper time at a coffee shop, followed my some time fiddling around in the studio.
Finally, it's time to call it quits and head home for the evening. Dinner, wine, maybe some internet exploration, and sleep.There you have it.

Well, I am extremely jealous of you and Sam's Scotland sojourn. I wish I was going to be there so much, and I expect an incredible post upon your return. I too will take a sabbatical. Its work work work for the next couple days, and then off to a short trip to Portland.


Claire said...

i love it.

the photo out your windshield with the bad icescraper is unbelievable. can i have it? email it. i will print it and put it on my wall.

also, what is your dinner? i want to eat it.

lauren said...

i know, great photo ey? i will send it your way.

on the dinner menu was, rice, black beans, salad, and fish (just the frozen kind in the box) layered on a nice flour tortilla, topped with salsa.

good stuff.