Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here it is: the cliche day-in-the-life post, as promised. Nevermind the fact that these photos (and therefore this day) are now two weeks old. At least I'm getting it up tonight, before I leave tomorrow for Scotland (!).

Without further ado, here is (more or less) a typical day in my life, at the moment.

Wake up at 6am to Alex's alarm clock. That might sound early, but on weekends when we rejoice at the fact that we can sleep in, we end up waking up at 6:45 at the latest because we have two dogs who are very observant of what time it is and don't like to be late for breakfast.

Run, first thing. I prefer to run before I'm fully awake; that way I don't have time to drag my feet and procrastinate. Just get up, and go. Don't think. I find that's the best approach. Here's this month's training schedule: (Please note the 110 min for March 14. Pretty killer).

Post-run is work time. We brew coffee, Alex heads off to work, and I get comfy in my office. The girls usually curl up at my feet (or, in Roux's case, in her armchair) for a morning nap.

Alex and I arrange to meet at Rachel's burrito stand (aka Little Mountain Mama's) for lunch. Rachel, wife of Rick, is a friend who has a burrito stand (complete with picnic tables) just down the road. I brought Kinley--Roux gets to go on early morning runs, so Kinley tends to get to tag along for mundane chores and outings. (Such as burrito runs).

I'm enamored with the way this shed is painted and convince Alex to get Kinley to sit still for a photo.

Kinley gets lucky at Rachel's and scores her very own Milkbone:

On the way back home I encounter this fellow and his Chevy. I decide it's worth shooting while driving and get lucky with this photo:
The afternoon is full of more work. It's sunny so I leave the front door open, and Roux takes that opportunity to keep an eye out on the front yard. The older she gets, the more serious she is about her guard dog duties.

...And that about sums it up. Evenings tend to be quiet; dinner, a glass of wine, old episodes of The Office, and an early bedtime. So there you have it: a frozen day in time. I'm sure in ten years I'll be incredibly amused when I look back on what daily life used to be like.

As you know I will be in Scotland until March 24. Take care, Wondernet. I will bring back many a good photo and many a good story. And maybe even a bottle of scotch as a thesis gifty.

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