waldo report

My current schedule is pretty much equally divided between dog and school. Taking care of a puppy and having a huge impending deadline sort of forces you to put some structure into the day. The routine looks like this most days:

-wake up somewhere between 5:50 am and 6:00am, take Waldo outside to potty.
-breakfast. for Waldo it's dog food. for me it's a new favorite, oatmeal with milk and peanut butter mixed in (divine!) and tea...must have tea.
-morning nap for Waldo. Morning reading or computer work for me.
-morning walk or romp in the grass.
-try to get waldo to poop.
-try to get waldo to calm down and go in the kennel.
-head to school or coffee shop to work on thesis paper.
-come home. lunch. play. walk. potty.
-head back to school to work or run errands.
-come home. play. watch movie or something else equally mindless. more tea.
-dinner. potty.
-waldo goes to sleep (7 pm) I go back to school. sometimes more tea, or if i'm lucky a coke.
-come home. potty.

The good news is, that all this structure means I am getting a lot done. There' nothing like becoming busy to realize how much time you used to waste. The other good news is that the stress of puppy raising is starting to subside, and now I am really enjoying it more and more. It's crazy how much you learn to communicate with your dog, and how successful communication makes things sooo much better (I suppose this is the same with humans). I can now decipher between hyper Waldo and when he just acts like a maniac because he really has to poop. I can also decipher between his pay attention to me squeals and his tired squeals (both of which don't seem like sounds that should come from a dog.) There are many more examples, but I think you are probably very aware of how this goes seeing as though you have raised two of your own.

My absolute favorite thing to do with Waldo (beside watching him try to carry gigantic sticks) is go for walks, preferably when the sun is out. I tried to get some pictures on our last morning walk, and I even took a video of our shadows (you know how I love those shadows). I also love when he hangs out and naps by my feet while I am working at my desk, as he is doing now (with lots of snoring). On one such occasion he made his first appearance in my sketchbook.


Claire said...

i love this post, and i LOVE that video. can i post it on rouxbyblog?

also, i was thinking maybe sometime in the next couple weeks we could do one those lame 'day in the life' kind of posts. with photos. because documenting your life as it is right now is an interesting task. yes, we write now and then, and yes, we take photos now and then. but what if we did a whole day with photos and writing? especially because your life is going to change so soon - it would be cool for you to look back on exactly what it's like now.

whaddya say? you in?

lauren said...

of course I'm in. I might wait for a sunny day, so that I will be more excited to take pictures (its supposed to rain the next few days) But, I agree, before I know it my life is going to change, and this time will seem so foreign. I would like to see how our days match up too, I'm guessing there are a lot of similarities right now.

also, yes, you may post the video.
also, I love the words that you have to type in the word verification...today's word is "fryin"