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There is no central theme to this post beside the fact that I just uploaded both items to my computer. Above is the latest gift to me and one of the other grads from the janitor at school (I did an earlier post about the pumpkin and Orange Slice that he gave us all on Halloween.) Inside the impeccable packaging are two crab legs and some steaks. The funny part is that he tried to drop it off at my apartment because he lives near by, but I wasn't home. The neighbor must have been in the hall because he ended up giving the meat to him so he could later give it to me. I'm not sure if Jerry (the janitor) told my neighbor what it was, but it must have seemed like such a suspicious thing to be delivering, and when he brought it to me his words were "some guy brought this for you," while holding it awkwardly in his hands. As I type this, I'm thinking it may not come across as funny as I thought it was. If nothing else, you might get a laugh at his choice to wrap the meat with a garbage bag and duct tape.

Below is another little Waldo video. I took the camera outside to capture some playing in the snow (yes, snow, I'm so so over the snow). After reviewing the videos I felt this one of him bringing his toy home to be more endearing. I love when he finds a stick or in this case, a toy, and suddenly turns into a man with a job. The job being that he must carry this item somewhere, usually to a secret stash or towards home. I also love that the video captures him hiking up the stairs which is also one of the cuter things that he does.

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Claire said...

oh man waldo is cute. he's a chub.

more of that, please.