chicken s&*%t

I must say, I think everyone should have mandatory ranch life after completing graduate school. Everyday, I feel myself unwinding a little more. But, I still catch myself attempting to get stressed out or hurry through things as if I have I have to meet a deadline. Reality is, I wake up and I let the chickens out.

Interacting with those rascally chickens has become one of my favorite parts of the day. Usually around 7 am, after I have taken Waldo for a walk, I meander up to let the Navajo (the ewe) and his two goat pals into the hay pasture. As you can see, they are usually staring at me asking why on earth I am taking so long.

Next, I make my way to this door where hens are clucking like crazy and roosters are cacka-doodle-doing waiting to bust loose.

I stand clear as they hall ass to who knows where, acting like they have an important meeting to get to and have been stuck in traffic for the last 40 minutes.

But, then they realize "oh shit! I totally forgot my breakfast!" And they make a u-turn back towards the door where I have just served up some piping hot Layena.
While the chickens are obviously a hoot to be around, you can never totally let you gard down because old Devil Brains (that's just what I call him) is likely to peck your eyes out if you aren't careful.
Since I had the camera out I figured I would try to get a shot of Gus and Scarlett for you. Gus complied and even went with the chicken theme.
But, Scarlett would not have any part in the picture taking.

I hope you are alive and well! Find internet soon!!!

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