Firenze a Parma

Hi, friend. This comes to you from a little B&B on the top floor of a building on the main street of Parma, Italy. I just got here, and am starving so I'm going to venture out soon for some food + wine, but I'm more than a little scared I won't be able to get back in. There's a nondescript door on the main via, then you have to push some specific button which triggers a tiny cutout in the door to spring open, and then follow some convoluted series of doors, locks and staircases before you find the pensione.

I originally planned to spend two nights in Florence, but cut it short and am instead in Parma for two nights instead of one. I was at a hostel in Florence, and to be honest, I am happy to have my own room again in Parma. Also, I'm just not a big city girl. Two days were enough for me. I have to say, though, that the art was truly amazing. Almost as good as the gelato.

I have wireless internet and my outlet converter works here so I will try to do a bigger post tomorrow.

Where have you been? What have you been doing?

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