Côte d’Azur

Ok, first of all, Lauren just because I'm not in town doesn't mean you can totally quit posting. In fact, I sort of think it means you should post more. I still want to see photos of your actual living quarters, and hear about how you've been liking life in Carbondale.

I don't have a lot of time at the moment, but thought I'd check in quickly with a photo or two. London was lovely; it is always lovely to see Karen + Nick. They completely spoiled me, refusing to let me pay for so much as a cappuccino, allowing me to avoid all public transport and instead driving me where I needed to go in a Porsche Boxter, and taking me shopping. My first hostel is going to be a serious wake up call.

Today I arrived in Nice (although the town I'm staying in is actually La Napoule). I haven't taken any photos from the ground--not yet anyway--but took this as the plane was landing. The water is a truly amazing shade of turquoise. I expected sort of brownish blue water, like in California, but it's far more breathtaking than that. We spent the afternoon walking through Nice, which is a little large for my taste, but there is a section that is nothing but tiny pedestrian side streets, full of flower markets, cafes and little shops that is really nice.

So, here's the Côte d’Azur from the air; hopefully tomorrow I can post more photos.

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