slow as molasses

I realize that it is pretty pathetic that you have already done one Europe post and I still hadn't done my second Carbondale post. It's just hard to be motivated when it takes nearly fifteen minutes for my photos to upload.
Living here so far has proved to be pretty darn good. I really love living in and getting to know a new part of Colorado. Last weekend I put Waldo in the car in hopes to get in a good a hike at near by Hanging Lake. We made it all of 50 feet before I saw the sign saying "no dogs allowed." I was bummed to say the least, but at least the view from the parking lot (below) was decent.

I was not to be deterred from finding a good hike. After a little driving around I happened upon a great little trail called Grizzly Creek. Aptly named because it followed this creek for a good while, although I'm not sure where they got the Grizzly part seeing as though Grizzlies don't even live in Colorado. Nonetheless, an afternoon well spent.
As I mentioned before, I was able to take part in a clinic here at the ranch with Wendy Murdoch. I didn't have high expectations because the only other clinic I have ever done was a complete disaster. Forte was refusing to go through the in and out and the only advice the dude had was to use more spur and more crop. Nothing was accomplished. BUT, this clinic was very eye opening for a lot of reasons. Each of the two days started out with lecture/discussion. Wendy is all about bio mechanics and how we can use our bodies properly to be more efficient in not only riding but everything we do. She taught us all to walk, which sounds silly but is actually something not very many people do properly. I explained to her my knee issues both on and off horses and she provided me with ways I could change the way I was using my body to alleviate the pain. Too much to explain in one post but check out her site, and next time we see one another I can teach you how to walk.
And, now a glimpse into my living quarters. I've been living in the barn, but as you can see it's not too shabby. This barn was previously used for therapeutic riding and this area was where they conducted physical therapy off the horse. Since then the people I work for totally re-designed it into this comfortable living area complete with a giant bar.

I spent all of yesterday on the coach watching episodes of the Dog Whisperer (I love when Ceasar Millan wiggles like a dog) because I was laid up with the stomach flu. Pretty terrrible day. Today, though, I am on the mend and plan to check out the Roaring Fork Studio Tour which is where local artists open up their studios to the public for one weekend. Should be great.

I hope France is treating you well! Oui oui!

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Claire said...

YAY FOR A CARBONDALE POST! also, i had NO idea your living quarters were so baller. i can't wait to come visit so we can have a party at your bar. also, waldo looks so grown up in that hike photo.