Frommage Is Not Dessert

Blogger apparently is aware that I am in France now, because when I went to the main page to log in, this is what it wanted to know:

Qu'est-ce qu'un blog?


Having just returned from an all day adventure on the boat, I am completely and utterly exhausted. I didn't bring my camera with me today (I was worried it would get wet on the little Zodiac), but I took quite a few photos yesterday.

We spent the morning yesterday strolling through Le Suquet, which according to my understanding is basically just the name for the old village-y part of Cannes. It looks like this:

At the farmer's market I fell completely in love with these flowers. Any clue what they are? (Maybe you can conquer botany when you're finished with birds? That would come in handy for me).

We spent the afternoon at a beach very near to La Napoule (the village where I'm staying). Lee lives literally across the street from this castle:
It reminds me of that Eddie Izzard bit about how there are castles everywhere in Europe, so many that you are constantly bumping into them. So far I think he was dead on.

The beach was phenomally beautiful (and actually not very crowded--although I am quickly learning that Europeans have a totally different concept of body exposure and it's quite common to see people totally nude or women topless).

I cannot get over how crystal clear the water here is. You would think the centuries of human use would have muddied it all up, but au contraire, it's unbelievable. I can't even describe the shades of blues and greens you see out on the water here.,

I probably haven't quite fulfilled your expectations for how much I'd have read by now (two books down and only 20 pages into Atlas Shrugged) but I am definitely loving having time to read whatever I want. So far Atlas is as enthralling as Fountainhead. I'll keep you posted on how it progresses.

Probably the most exciting part of the day yesterday was when we drove out to this rocky point (part of a national park)
. . . and look at what it's called:

Roux!!! Roux in France! When I told Alex that he said, "Roux rocks." That's funny. Something else that's funny? The fact that French people think cheese (frommage) is dessert. It's always on the dessert menu. You absolutely cannot convince me that cheese should be part of a dessert menu.

So tomorrow I head off to Italy, truly alone for the first time this trip. I think I have internet in the HOSTEL where I am staying, but I'm not betting on it. I will try to check in again soon. . .


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lauren said...

wow, way to start of with a bang. it looks absolutely incredible out there.