Alas, sometimes a photo can't capture everything. But, I did attempt to soak some of the lighting that was going on Saturday evening through my lens. As I was leaving my studio I walked outside into some of the most incredible light I have ever seen. Actually, it's funny how the sky and the light seem to be so particular to location. I have never seen this light in Colorado, and I have seen light in Colorado that I never see here. Anyway, it seemed like everything had sort of been dipped in gold, and as I was driving it was sometimes so beautiful that I just wanted to disappear into it.
Even our cement slap of an art building looked kind of nice all lit up:
Oh, and I just thought I would throw this in. Often, the random piles of things that accumulate in my studio are much more interesting to me than what I had actually been working on.

9 days!

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Claire said...

holy cow that light is amazing! and it totally know what you mean about light being specific to place. i kind of like that about it.