pilgrim's pride

Oh what a week! I'm back at school now trying to retrieve my brain from vacation, but it's a hard task, when another vacation looms just over two weeks away. I've compiled a short photo display to share my last week's adventure with you. We begin with a jam packed car. Who needs to see out the back window anyway?We left a small pocket for me in the back seat. Not such a bad way to travel actually. Being surrounded by things made for a nice little nest to nap in.

We stopped a few times along the way to take little walks, and look for birds, or in the picture above a nice rock. I think I had the best enchiladas of my life in a little restaurant in Eureka. And, we were also able to drive through some of the Redwood forests. No matter how many times I see those giant trees, I never cease to be amazed by them.
The first activity we did on our first day in Alamo was go to the Concord Flea Market. I snagged a couple of lovely broaches, was gifted two tiny silver ponies, and bought a toothbrush (f.y.i. never buy a toothbrush from a flea market.) Mary got an incredible typewriter for only 2 dollars (it was worth nearly 400), and David bought a "120" year old mandolin.
The rest of the afternoon was spent soaking up some sun in the back yard and drinking beer. We were also entertained by David's 5 year old niece. She's the star in two of David's music videos which can be seen here.
We were also constantly entertained by Fletcher the cat. Or, rather, we were constatnly entertained by David's sister's constant jibber jabber style of communicating with Fletcher.
We took a long hike, and drove to the top of near by Mt. Diablo, which, according to some mythology is the point of the beginning of creation. Even with the fog, the top yielded some spectacular views. We also saw a ton of new birds, thanks to the addition of another bird expert (David's brother).
The day before Thanksgiving we were able to go to the science museum in San Fransisco. It turns out that everyone decided to go that day, and the overwhelming amount of humans inside nearly drove us insane. At one point I had to cover my ears in order to not completely loose it.
Thanksgiving day was much more peaceful back at the house. We consumed delicious vegetarian food, more beer, and Mary and I whipped up a batch of hot spiced wine for dessert. The day also consisted of a long hike (spotted 21 different bird species), some guitar playing, some trampoline jumping, and a rousing game of "Guess who is thankful for what." (We made that game up.)

Well, there's your glimpse into my lovely week in California...now let's see some Mexico!


Claire said...

i'm WAY behind in photo editing, but someday i'll get 'er done.

i want to play the whose thankful for what game!

:::No Longer Mute said...

It's crazy that we were both celebrating thanksgiving within the bay area this year. I found myself checking out the passengers of every car we drove past to see if I could spot my friend (who looks like she could be my babies' mama).