First of all, please pardon the poor quality of these photos. Thanks.

Moving on. Yesterday was full of gifts, it's a good thing too because day after day of snow and rain can really dampen a person's mood. First of all Mary arrived, which is a gift in and of itself, and she gave me an early graduation present. Here it is below. A lovely pipe, with lovely pipe smell.In the mail awaited a gift box for Waldo from my aunt Cindy, which was jam packed with all sorts of good things.

And, last but not least, a little encouragement from you, for the busy week ahead.

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Claire said...

HEY we're still psychic; we were posting at the SAME TIME. so don't miss my post, right below yours.

i'm glad you appreciated that little eyeball. you wouldn't know it just by looking at it, but weirdly enough i bought that at the edinburgh castle gift shop. why they would have rubber eyeballs, i don't know, but i knew you had to have it.

also, i hope mary gave you some tobacco to go with that pipe because i want to smoke it when i'm there.