What dogs deserve

I know I've heard Ian Dunbar's name before, but I had never really come across any of his work before today when I did a search for "dog" on TED (as part of my research for my interactive dog project). Everything Dunbar said resonated right away, and he is now right up there with Suzanne Clothier in the category of dog trainers that make complete sense and are completely tuned in to what actually matters.

The thing I love most about studying our interactions with dogs is that the most successful principles when working with your dog are actually principles that should be applied to your whole life. Which is also something Dunbar talks about. So, take 15 minutes and watch this--it is well worth it. (My favorite quote: "They're making hand signals near the dog's rectum, like he has a third eye back there or something. It's insane.")

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lauren said...

man, i wish Waldo was in puppy kindergarten with that guy.

brilliant stuff.