Lisie is 22

My sister's 22nd birthday is on Wednesday and, like every year, I agonized over what to get her. I always want something memorable, but every year can't be the most memorable year so I struggle finding something to be at least okay with gifting.
She will be finishing college in just a few weeks, so I decided on something that I found useful when I was that age. This quote, delivered by Merryl Streep--at a graduation, no less--is so simple, but so true. I cut it out of a magazine years ago and have had it sitting in a little frame ever since. I designed this little ditty and had it printed on a stand out canvas:

I am rather fond of that bird, which is actually just Photoshop brush.

And here, as promised, is what I have been referring to as Rouxby Cam: (you should definitely turn your volume all the way down so as to avoid my obnoxious voice)

Rouxby Cam from Claire B on Vimeo.


lauren said...

what a lovely gift, I'm sure she will cherish it (and those words).

also, maybe since you have who knows how many blogs these days, it might have slipped your mind that you already posted rouxby on wonder net. we had a comment conversation and everything. nonetheless, i still enjoyed watching it one more time.

Claire said...

gosh, no kidding.
i can't even keep track anymore, and will henceforth be relying on you to take care of that.