Despite my inconvenient and expensive mistake regarding my flight, and the record low temperatures in the mid-west, I'm still getting excited for my trip out to Plymouth, Minnesota in a couple of weeks. Mary (the Mary who provided Roux's latest head accessory) and a few others are taking part in the Art Shanty Projects. The main crew will be there a total of six weeks, but there are a others (like me) who will be joining them for short stints throughout the Project. When they have access to computers, and as long as they still have all of their fingers, they have been updating their blog. Their project revolves and aims to recreate parts of the story of Earnest Shakelton and his Antarctic expedition. It's a really lovely story about a bunch of stranded men who survived unimaginable conditions because they chose to remain positive, and filled their days with art, music, story telling, and icecapedes to name a few.
In the mean time, I spent yesterday working on this drawing for my aunt's birthday (I really hope she doesn't read this blog), instead of making important progress in the Thesis department. Somtimes it's nice to just sit and draw a couple of dogs, without having to worry about what it means.

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