One of my last errands to run before leaving Colorado was to get a new calendar knowing that as soon as I hit the ground in Washington I was in for some serious planning and organizing. I'm not very good at keeping up with day timer books, but I do o.k. at jotting things down in a calendar. I think it has something to do with being able to see each day in relativity to the rest of the month. So, I headed to Barnes and Noble, where surely I would find racks of calendars to choose from, and likely at post-christmas prices. Instead I found the entire 20 foot long, 3 tiered rack COMPLETELY empty. An employee directed me to a smaller rack of left over sci-fi based calendars, but I just didn't think I could look at that sort of thing for an entire year. I decided to take my business elswhere, and headed across the street after lunch with a friend to the near by mall. Again, I assumed that I would find a store, or a least a qiosk, devoted to 2009 organizational material. My assumption was partially correct, there was a store, however it was on its last bit of merchandise and nearly empty. But, that's when I saw this:

Can you believe it? A whole Breyer horse calendar! We would have flipped our lid if we found this when we were 9 (actually even up to about age 14.....actually, who am I kidding, I'm 25 and I still got excited.) The majesty and nobility obviously demonstrated on each month will surely inspire me to greater heights in 2009.

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