One thing I have become very addicted to over the last two years is thrift and second hand shopping. I'm guessing half of my current wardrobe consists of items that were 2 dollars or less. It's fantastic. The other day I went to the weekly surplus sale on campus and walked away with three duck decoys, multiple orange lamps labeled "forrestry," and an unusual looking pine tree with a very long and very skinny trunk. I don't know exactly why I got them or what I will do with them, but am very excited about them nonetheless.
Today I taught my last first day of class at WSU. It's funny to think about how nervous I was last fall, compared to now. I still make silly mistakes and forget to say important things though. For instance, I'm pretty sure today I did not mention my name. Just a minor detail...

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Claire said...

i'm sure those things will all come in handy. especially those ducks.