Europe on My Mind

Maybe it's because I'm in the midst of a lull, school-wise (the calm before the finals storm), or maybe it's because I now officially have less than a month before my departure date, but for whatever reason I can't stop thinking about my impending European Tour.

Deciding where to go has been far more difficult than I expected. There are just so many tempting options; Switzerland, Amsterdam, Berlin, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Spain... But I've finally decided on an area of focus, which will be Mediterranean Europe.

Here's my plan, which really isn't any more concrete than these squiggly lines at this point:

So it comes down to: London -> Nice, France -> Italy -> Greece -> London.

Now I have to move to the next level of figuring out where within these countries I'll go.
I don't know any names yet, but I'm going to try for places that look like this:
and this:


lauren said...

you just did this post to tease me didn't you?

Claire said...

yup. i'm doing everything i can to make you hop on a plane and come with me.