via the library parking lot

No pictures as of yet. I know, I should be lashed or something. Especially because when I do post pictures you will be in love...it's absolutely gorgeous here. BUT, I didn't want to seem like a total paparazzi upon arrival, plus I have been hard at work. Here's a list of a few things that have gone down so far: (I'm posting this via the library parking lot in town because they have free and fast wi fi but I'm starting to feel like I look a little sketchy so I'm gonna make this fast)

Lots of laughing at little Scarlet
Some soccer with little Gus
Some muddy poop mixture splashed in my face from Waldo who is constantly covered in the stuff
Constantly reminding Waldo that "no, you can't eat that!" High on his list are horse vitamins, horse grain, cat food, chickens, but mostly I find him digging into huge piles of poop.
Watering the cows
Watching Waldo get chased by cows
Watching Waldo get chased by goats
Watching Waldo get chased by roosters
Brushing the draft horses
Riding. So far it's been two ponies (Devon and Abe) and one old ropin' horse named Stitch
Participating in a Wendy Murdoch clinic (probably a whole post on the forthcoming)
sweeping the barn
mucking stalls
watering the arena
driving things to and fro on the four wheeler

Well, that seems like a good intro for now. Waldo is getting restless, and I need to find some food.

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Claire said...

i'm pretty excited about two aspects of your new life that i didn't expect:

1. cows
2. four wheelers