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Alas, I am sitting down now to compose a post about my recent transition. I think I have been avoiding it a bit because I feel like I should have some really big ideas or thoughts or revelations to write out, and while I know that those things are running around in my mind, I'm still not sure I can lasso them into competent sentences. Plus, I am listening to Pres. Obama give the commencement speech at Notre Dame, and am thinking maybe I should just copy down what he is saying.
Even though I packed my life up in Washington and drove it 17 hours to Colorado, I'm still waiting for the moment to sock me in the stomach when I really comprehend that my two year graduate school adventure is over. When I think about the last two years that funny thing happens where it seems like it simultaneously flew by and also lasted forever. The thing that saddens me most is that everyday from here on out that experience will become a smaller and smaller part of my life, while in the midst of everything it was an enormous time.

The sky looked like this the morning of my departure:

Waldo amazed me by sleeping all but maybe three hours of the entire drive. As you can see, he still prefers the economy seats.

The picture above is documentation of the map my brother and Michelle drew on my graduation present. I love it so much, that it's likely I will stick it in a frame. I think it captures so much of what I loved about the last two years. It feels funny to have earned a Masters in Art because I think I did a lot more learning about life (although, I would never say that I have Mastered Life.) I feel such a sense of accomplishment knowing that I moved to a completely unknown part of the country to a town where I didn't know a single person....and I didn't die. Instead, I really got to know that beautiful corner of the world, met some really interesting people, and formed some life long friendships. I know that my mind opened in a way I'm not sure it would have otherwise.

And now I am back in Colorado with Washington tucked in my pocket and ready to see what comes next. (So far, what has come next is a lot of hangout time with the Ridgeback herd).

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Claire said...

i love lauren's playland! you should ask your brother to keep doing that for every stage of your life. then you'll have your whole life story in a series of maps. good idea.