Tuscan Whole Milk & My Book-Cover Debut

My preferred reading today has been the customer reviews on an Amazon listing for one gallon of whole milk. Hi-larious.

Some favorites:

Be advised this product comes in only one color....WHITE.

What's the matter Tuscan Whole Milk? Afraid of a little color in your life? It's a different world now with President Obama in the "Whitehouse". Even Eggs are available in Brown.

Get with the times.


Thumbs Down. I added to my gas tank. No difference felt. Very disappointed will not buy again.


This is the whitest drink ever!


If you like milk, try this milk. If you like chocolate milk, STAY AWAY FROM TUSCAN WHOLE MILK! Totally different type of milk.


"Tuscan Whole Milk" can be re-arranged to say "I'll know mustache". Coincidence? I think not.

There's also a surprising amount of poetry.
In other news, while my book cover debut is not yet available for purchase, it is available for preorder from most major retailers.


lauren said...

It better be a good book if it's going to have such a talented photographer making it's covers.

Jo said...

Oh I just read this book here in the UK. Your cover is way better :) Great book too.