as of late

The snow has stopped. Until tomorrow. When we are supposed to get 5 more inches. Ugh. I realized how hard this winter has been the other day when I get extremely excited to see 38-41 degree days by the end of the week. That seems tropical right now!

My friend's James and Jeneve came to the rescue Friday afternoon with a shovel, so I was finally able to get out and spent yesterday afternoon taking a much needed walk around Palouse.

This is one of my new favorite buildings there. I am always amazed how much beauty can be found in forgotten places like this one.
I spent a good portion of today and yesterday moving from the 5th floor to my new studio on the 6th floor. Although, moving all my crap is a drag, it's funny how just being in a new space has provided a new spark and itch to really delve into working again. Not that I haven't been working, it's just been more forced than I prefer it to be. My plan of attack is to tell all the faculty members, that unfortunately, after this week, I will not be signing up for any individual meetings for one month. Reason being, I need time to just create without having to talk about it with anyone. I have found myself in a really terrible pattern of developing and idea, having a meeting, getting extremely frustrated trying to talk about something I don't fully understand yet, ultimately being overwhelmed by discouragement and abandoning ship.

So I'm on a meeting strike!!! I hope this strategy works, and I get on a roll seeing as though I have my 1st year review show in only 2 short months.....

Finally, I am getting quite addicted to the recent Presidential election, and can't wait to see what the polls bring in tomorrow on Super Tuesday. The line up of television I have watched today is as follows: Michelle Obama being interviewed on Good Morning America, Charlie Rose interviewing some important Democrat about Obama and Clinton, The Daily Show, and the Colbert Report. And, it's like that most nights lately it seems. I am more and more convinced that this country really needs someone like Obama as our President, and I feel so lucky to be at an age to appreciate and understand that we are in the midst of something and someone truly great. I'm actually really nervous for tomorrow, and I hope America has their eyes set on the same potential that I see.

I miss you so incredibly much.

love love


Claire said...

how do you take such great photos of yourself all the time??

Wonder Net said...

i hired a crew to follow me around. it's turned out to be a great investment.