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I haven't checked the website yet, but I can tell already that I will also be a big fan of the artist you last posted. I'm growing ever more fond of artists who seem to be speaking honestly about their work and their life, not just spouting out answers that are traditionally spouted when it comes to art. So, I appreciated and related to what he said about his methods of work, sometimes coming quickly and in full, and sometimes seeming impossible to grasp. I think being so involved in academia is almost equally positive and negative. It's a great avenue to meet people, have interesting conversations, have your eyes opened to new ideas, etc., but it also has a great way of stifling individuality. Recently , I have felt refreshed by coming to the realization that if I really pursue making things that are honest and personal to me, then I do not have to worry . The trouble comes when I find myself trying to make things that hoping they will "fit in" or "impress."

I also read this great quote last night from a little book called Letter s to a Young Artist:

"A lot of stuff I learned about art and being an artist did not come from visual artists: it came from writers like Keats (in his letters) and composers like Ned Rorem (in his diaries ) and outdoorsmen like Ray Bergman (who wrote aobut fly fishing for trout). So read as mush as you can and get into the thick of ilfe whenever you can-learn a foreign language, learn things about other people, go places and do things that have nothing to do with art-because it's the stuff that has nothing to do with art that has everything to do with art." - Joseph Grigely

I couldn't agree more. Saturday I took a spontaneous road trip through northern Idaho, today I went to church and later a run outside in the sun, and my motivation to work is far greater than it is on days when I spend all day locked in my studio or in classes. You've got to have both, and you can't forget either.

*photos are from a series of really interesting photography Tyler sent to me via the facebook. you should go to the link, you will enjoy them.

Love, love

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Claire said...

i loooove the photos.
...and i still think it's a good idea for you to paint white horses and then take photos of them. maybe when you're done sculpting wolves you'll have time for that.