the rhodesian ridgeback fan club.

Before A & I even got Roux we were so excited we actually went to a Rhodesian Ridgeback club event dogless. AND we drove two hours just to get there. It's a little like a relationship, the beginning is so exciting, and then the novelty wears off. Just like a good-for-nothing husband, Roux just sits on our couch now getting fat. Anyway, at this club event we encountered Brian, a fellow Ridgeback owner who lives nearby. He has an older dog and then a puppy who is just about exactly the same age as Roux so we meet up for puppy play dates. I know it sounds incredibly dorky, but Roux goes ballistic for puppy play dates and it makes her sleep for the next 24 hours, so that alone is worth it.

Yesterday was one such play date, and I took my first shot at photographing it. Unfortunately it was about -50 degrees with windchill (my estimation anyway) and my fingers weren't really functioning properly, so they weren't as good as I'd hoped. Nonetheless, there are some funny ones, like this one of Roux getting the beat down:

A few of my other favorites:

...And then here is how we finished the evening out, with a little Spanish wine & GOULASH (I know you're going to be super excited about that, Lauren).

I have to say, the GOULASH was actually pretty successful. I just had to learn what chuck was. (Recipe from Smitten Kitchen).

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Wonder Net said...

mmm, goulash. i can't believe you know how to make goulash now. maybe you can mail some to me in your next letter.

i love the ridgeback photos. especially the three of them walking next to that big rock. it seems as though they are back in africa on a lion hunt (minus that white snow.)