A Pretty Wild Upcoming Thursday Night

A leaves this afternoon for three days in Chicago. Of course I will miss him. But I must admit, I am also looking forward to some quality alone time (where alone time = time with Roux). Also, while A is gone I can leave dirty dishes wherever I want, not make the bed if I don't want to, leave my clothes on the bedroom floor and watch girly movies. Which sort of summarizes my plan for tonight.

I've been in the mood to cook lately, so I'm thinking about making something like this:

Onion Galettes from Unique Eggbeater. I want to make pretty much everything from her site (http://www.uniqueeggbeater.blogspot.com/)

And maybe I will watch this:

I read the book, which I actually didn't like, but who doesn't like James McAvoy?

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Wonder Net said...

If you love not making the bed and leaving dirty dishes out, you would love my life. I'm not that bad really, but this morning I thought about how I will have to make my bed on Saturday because I will have company. That suggests the frequency in which I actually make my bed.